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Marmarth Research Foundation: In the Hell Creek Formation of North Dakota

Marmarth Research Foundation

In the Hell Creek formation of North Dakota


"Stopped in for a day dig last fall. I have been to a few other digs, and they do what they say. I was blown away by the types of fossils that we saw and that MRF has collected. The staff was friendly and explained it to us as we went along. Worth the experience, and the fees are a great deal. We were never able to really dig at the other places we attended in the past. We did it all at MRF."

J. Johnson, North Carolina

"The most memorable and exciting aspects of the dig were the field and preparation lab discussions afforded by Tyler Lyson and Walter Joyce (Yale Peabody Curator). These allowed us to see the manifold connections among the excavation of fossils, geology, deep time, and theoretical models that allow relationships to be drawn among fossil forms and between extinct and extant life. MRF provided good supervision and ran a tight ship, but yet always conveyed a sense of joyful excitement about paleontology and its scientific potential. All things considered, my wife Pam, our granddaughter April, and I should like to join your dig again this year."

Tom Hollocher
Retired Biochemist

"I had the best time in ND. I would love to go back and find more fossils and bones. Thank you MRF I will see you next year! Check out this page for more North High School dinosaur pictures."

North High School Student

"I had a really wonderful time in Marmarth. I have now realized that Paleontology is something that I am interested in and want to go to school to study. It is really neat what you have going here in Marmarth, there really isn't anything like it. I really had a great time out there. I met some really great people that I got the chance to work with, and I had great fun as well. It would really be cool if I could come back and perhaps do it again. And it would be cool if I would get the chance to work with the same people."

Courtney Hadanek
Shephard High School

"I went last year and had a great time. It was fun, yet I learned more about paleontology and fossils than I thought was possible. These guys (and gals) are great!"

Kristine C., Minneapolis, Minnesota

"A life long dream of finding a dinosaur skeleton came true while on a MRF dig in 2006. It was a fantastic experience to learn from the professional MRF staff the techniques in excavating and preparing a fossil skeleton, especially one which was personally discovered."

John A. Pawloski
Connecticut Museum of Mining and Mineral Science

Prenocephale skull , 2006
Hell Creek Formation

Prenocephale skull
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