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Marmarth Research Foundation: In the Hell Creek Formation of North Dakota

Marmarth Research Foundation

In the Hell Creek formation of North Dakota

The MRF Field Laboratory

In 2009 the MRF built a new, state of the art preparation facility in the town of Marmarth. The laboratory is fully equipped with over 30 air scribes, three air abrasion units with two large blasting chambers, two large "bubblers" and 25 nested screens for screen washing micro vertebrate localities, a large sandbox for repairing fossils, and much more. The laboratory's climate control (i.e. air conditioning!) and naturally-lit atmosphere makes preparing fossils an enjoyable experience.

Volunteers are able to work in the laboratory during the evenings. In addition, the laboratory is open all day and volunteers can choose to do preparation work, rather than field work, a popular choice when it is particularly hot out!

In 2009, MRF began construction on a new lab. See photos...

Convenience and Instruction

MRF is unique in that it provides volunteers with the opportunity to learn both field techniques during the day and preparation techniques in the evening. Most programs' excavation sites are located hundreds of miles from their labs! Since Marmarth is nestled in the fossil rich Hell Creek badlands, however, our lab is only a few miles from the excavation sites and a short walk from where the participants stay. In the evenings and on rainy days, volunteers are able to visit the lab to learn how to use air scribes and the microblaster.