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Marmarth Research Foundation: In the Hell Creek Formation of North Dakota

Marmarth Research Foundation

In the Hell Creek formation of North Dakota


Hell Creek Formation

This site was the very first dinosaur found by the director Tyler Lyson in 1994. However, because of its very remote location and the excruciatingly hard matrix encasing the specimen, he chose not to collect the specimen. With encouragement from volunteer Steven Cohen, the MRF staff decided to collect this well-preserved partial skull during the 2005 field season. The excavation was a very difficult one. All of the tools, plaster, and water had to be packing in to the site, which was around a mile from the nearest road. Once the specimen was jacketed, the two roughly 300 lbs casts had to first be lowered down the 80-foot hill where the site was located, and then be hauled backed to the truck.